Chief Mentor's Desk

ChiefMentor_DeskThe field of education is expanding fast with more and more specialized and Professional courses being introduced by universities and educational institutions keeping in mind with changing needs of the society. Present trend is to make ourselves induced with the professional knowledge and modern techniques to challenge the changing competitive world and attain success over others. Of late, one significant change in the attitude of the students, oriented towards increasing consciousness in studies. They have realized that education is part and parcel of making a successful career.

Our institution is making an impact to impart quality education through modern methods under the steering of competent and experienced faculty. During the past 23 successful years, the institution has made rapid strides in the field of education and hopes to excel the academic targets.

It is my profound desire that the young students of today's world would wake up to the hard realities and achieve the goals with noble thoughts and deeds.

Message from General Secretary of Avanthi Groups

Avanthi's Degree and PG College grew rapidly in eminence from one of the top institutions in the twin cities. The institute has locational advantage of city center. Knowledge innovation and information processing are the key elements of new competitive global structure. The pedagogic innovations and pioneering methodologies under the managed sectors was the beginning of its journey to achieve success it has given in terms of its unique, novel and distinct path in the field of education. Since its inception the institute is providing excellent academic delivery and infrastructure.

Message from Managing Director of Avanthi Groups

Avanthi's Degree and PG College is said to be unique in providing quality education capable of articulating the urban & rural ethos. In contemporary era where globalization and liberalization are the drone words, the institute itself met the emerging challenges in the field of education and has truly become a larger institutions in the twin cities. It believes that the integration of global systems is now creating an intelligent space where empowered individuals will be required to work as intelligent entrepreneurs to generate wealth in society.